Ballast Recycling Bucket – 5 Gallon (holds up to 22 NON-PCB Standard Ballasts or 55 lbs)


BulbCycle’s Ballast Recycling Bucket – 5 Gallon is more than just a bucket! It includes everything you need to safely and properly dispose of your universal waste.

For one low price you will receive:

  • Certified recycling container
  • Paid return shipping label to ship your box to the recycling center
  • All disposal and recycling fees
  • Certificate of destruction and recycling
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Ballast Recycling Bucket – 5 Gallon

This 5 Gallon Ballast recycling Bucket holds up to 22 Standard Ballasts or 55 lbs. of of intact and non-leaking TSCA-exempt PCB and non PCB magnetic and electronic lamp ballasts.

Price: $139.99

Dimensions: Top Dia: 11.45″ Bottom Dia: 10.15″ Height: 14.09″

Capacity: 55 lbs. of intact and non-leaking TSCA-exempt PCB and non PCB magnetic and electronic lamp ballasts

Product ID: 040CH

Includes: UN-rated, DOT approved 5 gal container with locking lid, 4 mil poly liner, liner tie, instructions, terms and conditions, proof of purchase, prepaid return shipping with label, recycling and online certificate of acceptance for recycling.

PLEASE NOTE: This container can not be used to ship leaking or PCB containing ballasts. If PCB ballasts are sent, an additional fee will be applied.  

Lower 48 contiguous states only. Not for export.

If you would like to pay by invoice with net payment terms and purchase orders please ask our representatives for our vendor program forms.

How BulbCycle’s Program Works

1. Select your kit

Select and purchase the containers for the items you need to dispose of. Our recycling program offers kits for fluorescent lamps/bulbs, LED bulbs, CFLs, ballasts, batteries, electronics, mercury devices and more!

2. Receive and fill with waste

Simply pack the kit at your own pace with your waste. Each kit includes a container, all shipping fees, recycling costs and a certificate of recycling. You will receive your container(s) in 6-11 business days. Don’t worry, you have a full year to return them to us.

3. Schedule pickup via FedEx

All of our products ship with a pre-paid FedEx return shipping label. Once your container is full and sealed, call the FedEx phone number that comes on each box to schedule a pre-paid pickup, or drop it off at a FedEx location. The filled container will be delivered for recycling to one of BulbCycle’s permitted facilities located within the United States.

4. Request Certificate of Recycling

After your waste has been received and processed, you can request your certificate by logging into the website provided on your recycling kit. Please allow three weeks for processing.

What is a non-PCB ballast?

Lighting ballasts serve as essential components in various types of lamps, including fluorescent, HID, and certain LED lights, enabling the regulation of current to match the lamp’s requirements. Without ballasts to manage current flow across different voltage levels, the familiar glow of fluorescents or the sustained illumination of HID fixtures would be impossible, as they would quickly burn out.

If you’ve ever passed by a floor lamp or ceiling fixture emitting a faint hum or buzz, chances are you were hearing the ballast at work. But what precisely is a light ballast, and what function does it serve while you’re using the light?

In simple terms, a ballast acts as an electrical resistor or reactance integrated into the circuits that deliver power from the mains to a light bulb. Its primary function is to regulate and manage the current supplied during various operational phases and voltages specific to different bulb types.

Before 1980, many ballasts utilized Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) based oils for cooling and insulation purposes. These PCB-containing ballasts are considered hazardous waste and are classified under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGR) as Waste Articles Containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls.

Ballasts come in diverse shapes and sizes, with the most common types associated with fluorescent and vapor lamps, also known as high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. Typically, they are mounted on the lighting fixture between the fluorescent tubes and are shielded by a metal cover plate. In instances where lighting fixtures contain one or more HID lamps, the ballasts may be housed separately. After July 1st, 1980, ballasts were manufactured without PCB oils. Ballasts without PCBs can be recycled using our BulbCycle Ballast Disposal kit, but we do not recycle PCB-containing ballasts as they are considered hazardous waste.

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