About Us

About BulbCycle, Inc.

Welcome to BulbCycle.com, your trusted source for Fluorescent Light Bulb, Ballasts and Battery Disposal and Recycling. As a team, we’re dedicated to reducing waste through our environmental management and clean technology processes. We work hard to make it easier for companies and governments to dispose of their universal waste in an environmentally safe, compliant and economical way.

Our Story

Founded in 2013, BulbCycle, inc. has been working tirelessly to reduce light bulbs, batteries, ballasts and CFLs, also known as Universal Waste, from our environment. Our passion for a cleaner environment has inspired us to create many innovative ways to dispose of and recycle different types of materials. Our mail-back kits and onsite bulk pickups are helping solve the waste problems that haunt many government agencies and corporations

What Sets Us Apart

At BulbCycle we stand out by helping our customers with universal waste disposal needs.
Recycling of bulb (lamp) components is the recommended method of disposal by the Environmental Protection Agency and helps to minimize facility liability.
All of our recycling boxes are very easy to use, and regulations approved to ship your facility’s waste, including fluorescent bulbs, batteries, ballasts, electronics and more.
We strive to maintain the most economical disposal solutions for universal waste management.

For one low price you will receive:
– A certified recycling container
– Paid shipping labels to ship your box to the recycling center
– All disposal and recycling fees
– Certificates of destruction and recycling.

Our Approach

We approach Universal Waste, Light Bulb, Lamp and Ballast Disposal as a cost-effective approach for our customers. Our goal is to be the solution to all our customers’ universal waste needs, ensuring that they receive excellent customer service and maintain existing long-term light bulb disposal contracts with our many clients.

How We Help

We’re committed to helping you our diverse customer base with your unique disposal needs.

Many of our customers are:
Airports, Public Works, Parks and Recreation , Defense, Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education , Energy , Health and Human Services, Municipalities, Military Bases, Schools, Universities, Colleges, High Schools , Elementary Schools , Middle Schools , School Districts , Corporate, Electricians, Construction, Hospitals, Green Businesses , Airports, Property Management, Real Estate , Building & Property Management Companies, Demolition Companies, High Rise Buildings, Shopping, Malls, Tanning Salons

Resources and Insights

Explore our blog and resources for answers to questions like Are LED Bulbs Recyclable? Your Comprehensive Guide to LED Recycling. We share deep insights and helpful tips on recycling and proper disposal of universal waste in compliance and inexpensively.

Contact Us

Have questions? We’re here to assist. Reach out to our team at 858-412-6536 or at info@bulbcycle.com, and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for choosing BulbCycle.com as your trusted Light Bulb, Lamp, Battery and Universal waste disposal resource.