Fluorescent Lighting Ballast Recycling & Disposal Kits (Non-PCB)

How To Dispose of Ballasts

1. Buy the kit from our options below. Each kit includes a container, all shipping and recycling costs, and a certificate of recycling.

2. Once you get the container fill it with your used waste at your own pace. Each container is pre-printed with simple step-by-step instructions in both English and Spanish.

3. Once it's full, call the FedEx phone number that comes on each box to schedule a pre-paid pickup from your location. We'll take care of the rest!

Why Recycle?

Recycling of ballast components is the recommended method of disposal by the Environmental Protection Agency and helps to minimize facility liability. Packaging of the ballasts properly coupled with recycling of the ballasts will greatly reduce the mercury dilemma and create a much safer environment.


Thanks for the super quick delivery and great customer service. BulbCycle always comes through when we need them.

-Zachary H.

BulbCycle's kits are easy to use and return shipping is included. What a deal!

-Bob C.

Fantastic customer service. Very easy for my crew to put the bulbs into the boxes when we're uninstalling them.

-Pedro G.

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