8ft Fluorescent Lamp JUMBO Recycling Box (Holds 25 T12 or 57 T8 lamps)


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Product ID#: 80JM

8 foot Fluorescent Jumbo Recycling Box – $129.99 – 8”x7 8”x 96”

Holds 25 – T12 or 57 – T8 eight foot fluorescent bulbs


8 Foot Fluorescent Lamp Jumbo Recycling Box – On sale for $129.99

8”x 78”x 96″

Holds 25 – T12 or

57 – T8 eight foot fluorescent bulbs

Product ID#: 80JM

How it Works

All of our recycling boxes are very easy to use and regulation approved to ship your facility’s waste, including fluorescent bulbs, batteries, ballasts, electronics and more.

For one low price you will receive:

– A certified recycling container

– Paid shipping labels to ship your box to the recycling center

– All disposal and recycling fees

– Certificates of destruction and recycling.


Properly seal and secure all returned recycling kits in accordance with the guidelines provided by BulbCycle

When returning 8-foot kits, ensure that their dimensions do not exceed 96 inches in length, or any
dimensions specified in our distribution product guide.

Additionally, all kits must have a weight not exceeding 125 pounds.

Purchaser is required to return kits exclusively with materials intended for their original recycling
purpose and within their designated capacity. A surcharge will be imposed in cases where the kit is used
for returning incorrect materials or if the client exceeds the kit’s designated capacity.