BulbCycle Now Offering Emergency Exit Signs for Sale

Bulbcycle now offering Photoluminescent Exit Signs for Sale. The environment is certainly a central topic of discussion lately; and although much of it seems overwhelming, we are doing our part to make what small dent we can in improving our world and reducing waste. One of the ways in which we are moving forward to reduce hazardous materials in our new offering: Photoluminescent Exit Signs

We are excited to announce that we are now branching into a new era and are not just selling recycling kits, but are also selling products to help your facility become greener. 

What Exactly Are Photoluminescent Lights?

So what are these photoluminescent things anyway? They are a newer and more improved version of the standard tritium exit sign–that oh-so-familiar and ever-present shifty-eyed glowing rectangle peering at us from the creepy stairwell or the flickering hallway of the zombie apocalypse. And why is tritium so creepy? Many exit signs contain tritium which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that becomes a continuous, glowing, self-powered light source. This is incredibly beneficial because the signs don’t require a power source, and they also remain lit when the power goes out–so we can all make it to the exit during an emergency. The problem is, because tritium is radioactive (don’t worry, it won’t cause you any harm unless you break open a sign or tamper with it) it requires special handling and is costly to dispose of. (If you do notice a damaged tritium exit sign be sure to leave the area immediately and report it if possible.) Learn more about tritium here.

Enter the amazing photoluminescent exit sign. Thanks to very cool technology, some smart folks have harnessed the power of energy photons by creating substrates that can absorb these photons and emit them later as light. This phenomenon is called photoluminescence (which many of us understand when we think of glow in the dark toys), and is a little different than fluorescence because the photons can actually be stored. With fluorescence, the photons are immediately re-emitted.

The great part about this new photoluminescent technology for exit signs is that we don’t have to worry about radiation. Did Big Bob break a tritium sign again? Did you accidentally knock that one off the wall when you slammed the door after hearing how much they cost to get rid of? Well no worries mate because you won’t need to report broken photoluminescent signs to the NRC! (the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission who oversees rules and regulations related to tritium exit signs). Plus the photoluminescent exit signs can last up to twenty-five years (way more than the average ten for tritium-based signs) and there is no cost or special requirements to dispose of them. 

Here are some other fun facts from

  • Photoluminescent signs have no moving parts, no consumables, can be installed almost anywhere and require no maintenance other than general cleaning with soap and water
  • Photoluminescent signs require about 60 minutes of exposure to 54 lux of fluorescent, halide or mercury lights to be fully “charged” after which they last 16-96 hours in total darkness. Exposure to higher light intensity charges the sign more quickly. Point that puppy at the sun for five minutes and you’re set for life! (Actually don’t quote me on that, that last bit probably isn’t true.)
  • Photoluminescent signs meet requirements of the International Building Code, the International Fire Code, and OSHA!

So are you ready to chuck those old tritium exit signs? (Don’t worry if you are, because we still sell recycling kits for those too.) Then prepare yourself for this amazing list of BRAND NEW photoluminescent signs and pat yourself on the back for helping us scale back on the use of hazardous waste on this beautiful earth of ours.

We are now offering:

Photoluminescent Exit Sign, Single Sided, Red Aluminum Composite

Photoluminescent Exit Sign, Single Sided, Green Aluminum Composite

Photoluminescent Exit Sign – Single Sided – Mirrored Lucite

Photoluminescent Exit Sign – Single Sided – Clear Lucite

Photoluminescent Exit Sign – Single Sided – Brushed Aluminum Composite

Photoluminescent Exit Sign – Double Sided – Mirrored Lucite

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