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BulbCycle offers a variety of prepaid mail-back containers for the recycling and disposal of fluorescent bulbs, broken lamps/bulbs, CFLs, other light products, computer waste, electronics waste (e-waste), batteries, mercury waste and exit signs. We also offer bulk pickups from your location. Email us at for more information about onsite bulk pickups.

We are headquartered in San Diego, California and service all of North America and Hawaii for crushed lamps, as well as intact lamps, ballasts, batteries, and computer hardware.

We have partnered with the some of the largest disposal and recycling companies in the country and offer very affordable rates. Each of our partners’ facilities are licensed to handle hazardous waste and will provide certificates that the proper disposal recycling was completed in accordance with regulations established by the EPA. Call us today to setup a disposal or to learn more about our services.

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