How should the waste be stored prior to a bulk pickup?


Intact Lamps – Try to keep lamps taped together to reduce breakage. It is best to keep them in the boxes they came in if possible.
Crushed Lamps – Crushed lamps should be stored in a locked steel 55-gallon drum complete with locking ring without any other types of items inside.
Ballasts – Non-leaking ballasts should be placed in plastic bag or liner and stored in a locked 55-gallon steel drum and without any other types of items inside.
Batteries – Batteries need to be sorted by type and secured in a box or bag to reduce spilling. Most companies store them in a 5-10 gallon bucket. Large batteries should be carefully laid on pallets with sheets of cardboard on top of the terminals of each row of batteries. Make sure nothing is leaking.
Computers – Computers and e-waste should be stored in large gaylord boxes or on pallets. They should be shrink-wrapped and properly secured to the pallet.

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