Michigan lamp recycling disposalMichigan Lamp Bulb Recycling Locations

If you are a residential customer and have less than 40 bulbs, contact

your local city hall and ask if your city has drop off locations for its residents. Michigan 4ft lamps and recycling kit

How Does The Mail Back Recycling Kit program work In Michigan:

1.  Our pre-paid recycling program is for lamps/bulbs, exit signs, ballasts, batteries, electronics and thermostats. Each kits price includes a container, all shipping costs to the recycling center, recycling costs and a certificate of recycling. You should receive your container(s) in 3-8 business days or less once ordered.  You have one year to return them to us. On the website businesses can choose which containers will best serve their needs. Containers are available for fluorescent lamps, CFLs, ballasts, batteries, electronics, and thermostats.

2. Once the containers have been received a business can fill them up at their own pace. Each container is pre-printed with simple step-by-step instructions in both English and Spanish.

3. When a container is filled and sealed, the business can call the FedEx phone number that comes on each box to schedule a pre-paid pickup from their location. The filled container will be delivered for recycling to one of BulbCycle’s permitted facilities located within the United States.

If you would like to pay buy invoice with net payment terms and purchase orders please ask our representatives for our vendor program forms.

At BulbCycle Light Bulb Recycling and Disposal, we work with government, private companies, hospitals, banks, retail stores, schools, and colleges throughout all of the state of Michigan. We support Fluorescent lamp recycling and disposal from all the regions throughout the state. These areas include: North Michigan, Central Michigan, Southeast Michigan, and the Coast regions. These areas include: the Upper Peninsula, Northern Michigan, West Michigan, Mid-Michigan, the Flint/ Tri-City area, and Southeast Michigan. Contact us at info@bulbcycle.com or Call us at (858) 412-6536 with any questions regarding recycling lamps or bulbs in your area.

Where to recycle dispose of lamps and Fluorescent light bulbs in Michigan? We support Fluorescent lamp recycling and disposal for the following cities and counties in Michigan.

Cities Serviced by BulbCycle in Michigan

Acme Township
Ada Township
Adams Township
Adams Township
Adams Township
Addison Township
Addison, Village of
Adrian Township
Adrian Charter Township
Adrian, City of
Aetna Township
Aetna Township
Ahmeek, Village of
Akron Township
Akron, Village of
Alabaster Township
Alaiedon Township
Alamo Township
Alanson, Village of
Albee Township
Albert Township
Albion Township
Albion, City of
Alcona Township
Algansee Township
Algoma Township
Algonac, City of
Allegan Township
Allegan, City of
Allen Park, City of
Allen Township
Allen, Village of
Allendale Charter Township
Allis Township
Allouez Township
Alma, City of
Almena Township
Almer Township
Almira Township
Almont Township
Almont, Village of
Aloha Township
Alpena Township
Alpena, City of
Alpha, Village of
Alpine Township
Amber Township
Amboy Township
Ann Arbor Charter Township
Ann Arbor, City of
Antioch Township
Antrim Township
Antwerp Township
Applegate, Village of
Arbela Township
Arcada Township
Arcadia Township
Arcadia Township
Arenac Township
Argentine Township
Argyle Township
Arlington Township
Armada Township
Armada, Village of
Arthur Township
Arvon Township
Ash Township
Ashland Township
Ashley, Village of
Assyria Township
Athens Township
Athens, Village of
Atlantic Mine
Atlas Township
Attica Township
Au Gres Township
Au Train
Au Train Township
Auburn Hills, City of
Auburn, City of
AuGres, City of
Augusta Charter Township
Augusta, Village of
Aurelius Township
AuSable Charter Township
AuSable Township
Austin Township
Austin Township
Avery Township
Government Unit
Backus Township
Bad Axe, City of
Bagley Township
Bainbridge Township
Baldwin Township
Baldwin Township
Baldwin, Village of
Baltimore Township
Bancroft, Village of
Bangor Township
Bangor Township
Bangor, City of
Banks Township
Baraga Township
Baraga, Village of
Bark River
Bark River Township
Baroda Township
Baroda, Village of
Barry Township
Barryton, Village of
Barton City
Barton Hills Village, Village of
Barton Township
Batavia Township
Bates Township
Bath Charter Township
Battle Creek, City of
Bay City, City of
Bay De Noc Township
Bay Mills Township
Bay Port
Bay Shore
Bay Township
Bear Creek Township
Bear Lake Township
Bear Lake Township
Bear Lake, Village of
Bearinger Township
Beaugrand Township
Beaver Creek Township
Beaver Island
Beaver Township
Beaver Township
Beaverton Township
Beaverton, City of
Bedford Charter Township
Bedford Township
Belding, City of
Belknap Township
Bellaire, Village of
Belleville, City of
Bellevue Township
Bellevue, Village of
Belvidere Township
Bengal Township
Bennington Township
Benona Township
Bentley Township
Benton Charter Township
Benton Harbor, City of
Benton Township
Benton Township
Benzonia Township
Benzonia, Village of
Bergland Township
Berkley, City of
Berlin Charter Township
Berlin Township
Berlin Township
Berrien Center
Berrien Springs, City of
Berrien Township
Bertrand Township
Bessemer Township
Bessemer, City of
Bethany Township
Bethel Township
Beulah, Village of
Beverly Hills, Village of
Big Bay
Big Creek Township
Big Prairie Township
Big Rapids Charter Township
Big Rapids, City of
Billings Township
Bingham Farms, Village of
Bingham Township
Bingham Township
Bingham Township
Birch Run Township
Birch Run, Village of
Birmingham, City of
Bismarck Township
Black River
Blackman Charter Township
Blaine Township
Blair Township
Blendon Township
Bliss Township
Blissfield Township
Blissfield, Village of
Bloomer Township
Bloomfield Charter Township
Bloomfield Hills, City of
Bloomfield Township
Bloomfield Township
Bloomingdale Township
Bloomingdale, Village of
Blue Lake Township
Blue Lake Township
Blumfield Township
Boardman Township
Bohemia Township
Bois Blanc Township
Boon Township
Boston Township
Bourret Township
Bowne Township
Boyne City, City of
Boyne Falls, Village of
Boyne Valley Township
Brady Township
Brady Township
Brampton Township
Branch Township
Brandon Charter Township
Brant Township
Breckenridge, Village of
Breedsville, Village of
Breen Township
Breitung Charter Township
Brevort Township
Bridgehampton Township
Bridgeport Charter Township
Bridgeton Township
Bridgewater Township
Bridgman, City of
Brighton Charter Township
Brighton, City of
Briley Township
Britton, Village of
Brockway Township
Bronson Township
Bronson, City of
Brookfield Township
Brookfield Township
Brooklyn, Village of
Brooks Township
Broomfield Township
Brown City, City of
Brown Township
Brownstown Charter Township
Bruce Crossing
Bruce Township
Bruce Township
Buchanan Township
Buchanan, City of
Buckeye Township
Buckley, Village of
Buel Township
Buena Vista Township
Bunker Hill Township
Burdell Township
Burleigh Township
Burlington Township
Burlington Township
Burlington, Village of
Burns Township
Burnside Township
Burr Oak Township
Burr Oak, Village of
Burt Lake
Burt Township
Burt Township
Burtchville Township
Burton, City of
Bushnell Township
Butler Township
Butman Township
Butterfield Township
Byron Center
Byron Township
Byron, Village of
Government Unit
Cadillac, City of
Caldwell Township
Caledonia Charter Township
Caledonia Township
Caledonia Township
Caledonia, Village of
California Township
Calumet Charter Township
Calumet, Village of
Calvin Township
Cambria Township
Cambridge Township
Camden Township
Camden, Village of
Campbell Township
Cannon Township
Canton Charter Township
Capac, Village of
Carleton, Village of
Carlton Township
Carmel Township
Carney, Village of
Caro, Village of
Carp Lake
Carp Lake Township
Carp Lake Township
Carrollton Township
Carson City, City of
Carsonville, Village of
Cascade Charter Township
Casco Township
Casco Township
Case Township
Caseville Township
Caseville, City of
Casnovia Township
Casnovia, Village of
Caspian, City of
Cass City, Village of
Cassopolis, Village of
Castleton Township
Cato Township
Cedar Creek Township
Cedar Creek Township
Cedar Lake
Cedar Springs, City of
Cedar Township
Cedarville Township
Cement City, Village of
Center Line, City of
Center Township
Centerville Township
Central Lake Township
Central Lake, Village of
Centreville, Village of
Champion Township
Chandler Township
Chandler Township
Chapin Township
Charleston Township
Charlevoix Township
Charlevoix, City of
Charlotte, City of
Charlton Township
Chase Township
Chassell Township
Chatham, Village of
Cheboygan, City of
Chelsea, Village of
Cherry Grove Township
Cherry Valley Township
Chesaning Township
Chesaning, Village of
Cheshire Township
Chester Township
Chester Township
Chester Township
Chesterfield Charter Township
Chestonia Township
Chikaming Township
China Charter Township
Chippewa Lake
Chippewa Township
Chippewa Township
Chippewa Township
Chocolay Charter Township
Churchill Township
Clam Lake Township
Clam Union Township
Clare, City of
Clarence Township
Clarendon Township
Clark Township
Clarkston, City of
Clarksville, Village of
Clawson, City of
Clay Township
Claybanks Township
Clayton Charter Township
Clayton Township
Clayton, Village of
Clearwater Township
Clement Township
Cleon Township
Cleveland Township
Clifford, Village of
Climax Township
Climax, Village of
Clinton Charter Township
Clinton Township
Clinton Township
Clinton Township
Clinton, Village of
Clio, City of
Clyde Township
Clyde Township
Coe Township
Cohoctah Township
Cold Springs Township
Coldwater Township
Coldwater Township
Coldwater, City of
Coleman, City of
Colfax Township
Colfax Township
Colfax Township
Colfax Township
Colfax Township
Coloma Charter Township
Coloma, City of
Colon Township
Colon, Village of
Columbia Township
Columbia Township
Columbia Township
Columbiaville, Village of
Columbus Township
Columbus Township
Comins Township
Commerce Charter Township
Commerce Township
Comstock Charter Township
Comstock Park
Concord Township
Concord, Village of
Constantine Township
Constantine, Village of
Convis Township
Conway Township
Cooper Charter Township
Coopersville, City of
Copemish, Village of
Copper City, Village of
Copper Harbor
Cornell Township
Corunna, City of
Corwith Township
Cottrellville Township
Courtland Township
Covert Township
Covington Township
Crockery Township
Cross Village
Cross Village Township
Croswell, City of
Croton Township
Crystal Falls Township
Crystal Falls, City of
Crystal Lake Township
Crystal Township
Crystal Township
Cumming Township
Curtis Township
Custer Township
Custer Township
Custer Township
Custer, Village of
Government Unit
Dafter Township
Daggett Township
Daggett, Village of
Dallas Township
Dalton Township
Danby Township
Dansville, Village of
Davison Township
Davison, City of
Day Township
Dayton Township
Dayton Township
De Tour Village, Village of
Dearborn Heights, City of
Dearborn, City of
Decatur Township
Decatur, Village of
Deckerville, Village of
Deep River Township
Deerfield Township
Deerfield Township
Deerfield Township
Deerfield Township
Deerfield Township
Deerfield, Village of
Delaware Township
Delhi Charter Township
Delta Charter Township
Denmark Township
Denton Township
Denver Township
Denver Township
DeTour Township
Detroit, City of
DeWitt Charter Township
DeWitt, City of
Dexter Township
Dexter, Village of
Dickson Township
Dimondale, Village of
Dollar Bay
Dorr Township
Douglas, Village of
Douglass Township
Dover Township
Dover Township
Dover Township
Dowagiac, City of
Doyle Township
Drayton Plains
Drummond Island
Drummond Township
Dryden Township
Dryden, Village of
Duncan Township
Dundee Township
Dundee, Village of
Duplain Township
Durand, City of
Dwight Township
Government Unit
Eagle Harbor Township
Eagle Township
Eagle, Village of
East Bay Township
East China
East China Charter Township
East Grand Rapids, City of
East Jordan, City of
East Lake, Village of
East Lansing, City of
East Leroy
East Tawas, City of
Easton Township
Eastpointe, City of
Eaton Rapids Township
Eaton Rapids, City of
Eaton Township
Eau Claire, Village of
Eben Junction
Echo Township
Eckford Township
Ecorse, City of
Eden Township
Eden Township
Edenville Township
Edmore, Village of
Edwards Township
Edwardsburg, Village of
Egelston Township
Elba Township
Elba Township
Elberta, Village of
Elbridge Township
Elk Rapids Township
Elk Rapids, Village of
Elk Township
Elk Township
Elkland Township
Elkton, Village of
Ellington Township
Ellis Township
Ellsworth Township
Ellsworth, Village of
Elm Hall
Elm River Township
Elmer Township
Elmer Township
Elmira Township
Elmwood Charter Township
Elmwood Township
Elsie, Village of
Ely Township
Emerson Township
Emmett Charter Township
Emmett Township
Emmett, Village of
Empire Township
Empire, Village of
Ensign Township
Ensley Township
Enterprise Township
Erie Township
Erwin Township
Escanaba Township
Escanaba, City of
Essex Township
Essexville, City of
Estral Beach, Village of
Eureka Charter Township
Evangeline Township
Evart Township
Evart, City of
Eveline Township
Everett Township
Evergreen Township
Evergreen Township
Ewing Township
Excelsior Township
Exeter Township
Government Unit
Fabius Township
Fair Haven
Fair Haven Township
Fairbanks Township
Fairfield Township
Fairfield Township
Fairgrove Township
Fairgrove, Village of
Fairplain Township
Faithorn Township
Farmington Hills, City of
Farmington, City of
Farwell, Village of
Fawn River Township
Fayette Township
Felch Township
Fennville, City of
Fenton Charter Township
Fenton, City of
Ferndale, City of
Ferris Township
Ferry Township
Ferrysburg, City of
Fife Lake Township
Fife Lake, Village of
Filer Charter Township
Filer City

Counties Serviced by BulbCycle in Michigan

Autauga County
Fayette County
Mobile County

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Michigan is located in the Great Lakes region of the Midwestern United States. It is bordered by Minnesota to the northwest; Ontario, Canada to the north and east; Indiana and Ohio to the south; Illinois to the southwest; and Wisconsin to the west.

Major companies located in Michigan include: General Motors (Detroit); Ford Motor (Dearborn); Dow Chemical (Midland); Whirlpool Corporation (Benton Harbor); Penske Automotive Group (Bloomfield Hills); Kellogg Company (Battle Creek); Con-way Inc. (Ann Arbor); TRW Automotive Holdings Corporation (Livonia); Lear Corporation (Southfield); and Steelcase Inc. (Grand Rapids).