Corporate Recycling Is Now Even Easier To Comply With State Universal Waste Regulations!



BulbCycle Helps Corporations Dispose of Universal Waste

Pre-paid mail back kits allow corporations to comply with state regulations while saving time and money

BulbCycle’s cutting-edge universal waste disposal program recycles batteries, fluorescent bulbs, ballasts,

and more, keeping hazardous waste out of landfills. A California company is helping corporations comply

with state regulations regarding universal waste.

BulbCycle, based in San Diego, has created an innovative way to handle universal waste disposal and recycling

– pre-paid mail back kits that are sent to be recycled when filled.

Universal Waste is a category of common waste materials that are designated as “hazardous waste” but are generally

found in businesses and households alike, including batteries, fluorescent bulbs, computers, ballasts, and much more.

After the 1995 Universal Waste Rule was put into place, most states simply adopted the rule as the boilerplate

for their state regulations.

Many states also incorporated additional stipulations into their universal waste disposal standards.

BulbCycle’s leading-edge universal waste recycling program allows corporations to easily comply with state regulations while also saving time and money.

How Corporate Recycling Works:

When a business is ready  to create a universal waste recycling program,

all that is required is to  create a free account at

On the website businesses can choose which containers will best serve  their needs.

Containers are available for fluorescent lamps, CFLs, ballasts, batteries, electronics, and thermostats.

Once the containers have been received a business can fill them up at their own pace.

Each container is pre-printed with simple step-by-step instructions in both English and Spanish.

When a container is filled  and sealed, the business can call to schedule a pre-paid pickup.

The filled container will be delivered for recycling to one of BulbCycle’s authorized facilities located within the United States.

With a 12-month window of time to fill each container, corporations utilizing BulbCycle’s mail back kits are

finding it easier than ever to satisfy state regulations while keeping dangerous waste out of landfills.

BulbCycle is a national universal waste recycling program based in San Diego, California.

Founded in 2014, BulbCycle’s mail back recycling kit program helps individuals and corporations recycle universal waste goods via safe and economically viable means.

Contact: Andrew Ajello

(858) 412-6536

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